K’nex 35 Model Ultimate Building Set

K’nex 35 Model Ultimate Building Set

K'nex 35 Model Ultimate Building SetDo you want to try an alternative to Lego? Lego brick building is fun, but if you need a refresher, you can try K’nex 35 Model Ultimate Building Set, as this is the best alternative to Lego building out there. Why? That’s because with this one building set, you’ll beable to build 35 different models, and with 400+ different pieces to assemble, it will be a challenge for you to complete each building. Also, if you have older kids, this can be a fun way to develop their creativity and concentration, as it will require a lot of concentration in order to build each model.

The Pros: The biggest advantage of this toy is the various building choices that you can try, from automobiles, planes, amusement park, and so on. Then, you’ll get the box to store all the little pieces of K’nex toy safely so that you won’t lose it later, since they are small in size. This one building set has 400+ pieces that you can use to build various things, and with the price tag that it offers, it is really worth the purchase price. If you compare it with Lego, this one has many more options available for one building set. The material build for each piece is excellent.

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The Cons: While the package says that you can build 35 different things with the pieces given in this building set, the instruction manual only comes with 9 different things to build. The rest of the building instructions can be found only on the K’nex website. This toy is good for older kids, since it has more complex building instructions, as well as smaller pieces that require a lot of concentration to follow. However, beware of choking hazard for younger kids.

The Bottom Line: If you are a Lego fan or if you have kids who love building with Lego, this one might be a good alternative for them to try. The construction method is quite different from Lego, and you will need more concentration to do. Also, the buildings that you’ll build will be complex enough even for an adult, so it is also fun for adults to play with this toy. You can move the cars that you’ve made with K’nex pieces, as well as other buildings. Overall, it is recommended for you if you want to seek more challenge than just a mere brick building. The components from this set are more varied and complex.

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This building set is suitable for older kids aged 7-15 years, and it is not suitable for kids aged less than 7 years. All in all, if you’re an adult who are interested in some fun toy-building experience, this is also a good recommendation for you. Read more…

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