Large Commercial Juice Press (Black) Review 2014

Large Commercial Juice Press (Black) Review 2014

Large Commercial Juice PressThe Large Commercial Juice Press offers you the highest grade of juice without making any efforts. You can easily install this press in your home kitchen and start juicing without any delay. The commercial juicer comes in a black color, constructed with cast iron and stainless steel. The press uses a user-friendly handle that can withstand 2,300 PSI. This type of juice press is ideal for extracting juice from grapefruits, lemons, oranges etc. This heavy duty press will last for long time; it comes with a longer handle to provide extra leverage. The cone and funnel parts can manual be washed without any problem. Now you are going to be served with a glass of fresh juice anytime you want as it is very easy to squeeze juice. The juice press is very productive and useful according to the description provided in the advertisement. The dishwasher is a removable part so that you won’t have any problem in cleaning it. Fruit container size is 4.75-inch, up handle size 28-inch, down handle 18-inch and base size is of 7-inch x 8.5-inch. The Large Commercial Juice Press (Black) is built solidly to last for years. Read more…

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