LEGO Bricks & More 10662 Creative Bucket

LEGO Bricks & More 10662 Creative Bucket

Let your creativity loose

This LEGO set features several elements that allow you to build a zoo and the classic house and farm theme creations. You can use these different elements to create buildings, animals, vehicles, and many more things. The set also includes three hundred and twenty-one rare bright blue colored LEGO elements to help you let your creativity run loose. All these can be easily stored in the sturdy and reusable brick storage bucket available with this set. Building the various things is very simple especially with the easy to follow instructions and guidelines provided with the set. Moreover, there are numerous options that help you build great and amazing inspirational ideas.

Product Description

LEGO BricksThe dimensions of this product are 8.9 X 10.9 X 8.9 inches with an approximate weight of a little over two pounds. The LEGO creative basket includes over six hundred brightly colored elements offering you with unlimited options to be creative and have unlimited fun while you build some inspirational themes. You can create houses and play with these, along with zoos or farms to make it more entertaining and fun. The elements include decorated face and eye bricks and wheels giving people unlimited possibilities to build and create. To add to the fun, you can take help from the inspirational guideline and instructions booklet.

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Product inclusions

The LEGO creative basket has more than sixty-nine rare blue elements making it very entertaining and creative. There is a fairly good assortment of several pieces, which include 2 X 2, 2 X 4, 2 X 6, and 2 X 8. Although most people buy the creative set for young children, the amazing collection of rare and amazing elements makes it fun even for grown up adults because it is beyond all expectations and standards. The entire set is an amazing buy especially at the affordable price.

Good starter kit

This creative basket is one the best starter kits that is available in the current times. The set comprises all the pieces that are required to make an amazing creation. There are few not needed pieces, such as the rotating square steering wheel or the build your own LEGO person. This entire kit is very suitable to create different kinds of buildings and animals especially with the amazing instructions booklet provided with this set. The kit comprises only a single pair of wheels and axles, which may not be enough if you want to create space ships or army tanks fleet.

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Stimulates the senses

Some of the users complain of the bricks cracking only after using the kit for a short time. However, most people are sufficiently satisfied with the quality of the elements and will last for a long period. The creative basket is great especially for people who love creating random things. The set is an excellent way to stimulate the senses, enhance your creativity because you do not have to follow a pre-determined set of design or theme. Read more…


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