LEGO DUPLO My First 10552 Creative Cars Building Set Review

LEGO DUPLO My First 10552 Creative Cars Building Set Review

LEGO DUPLO My First 10552 Creative Cars Building SetIf you have a 2-5 years old kid and want to give him the toy that will keep him busy for a long time, the LEGO DUPLO My First 10552 Creative Cars Building Set is the best product to choose. Why? That’s because this toy is a simple Lego toy that will allow your kids to build various cars from simple Lego bricks. The bricks itself are smaller, as they are designed for smaller kids. It will also help your kids to build their creativity as they can build not just one car with the bricks, but many cars. There’s an instruction that your kids can follow in order to build various cars from the included Lego bricks, with various color combinations, which will keep them busy playing.

The Pros: This toy is very suitable for younger kids, and if you haven’t introduced them to Lego yet, it is better for you to start introducing the basic of Lego brick building with this creative cars building set. It consists of small and simple bricks, as well as building instructions, that will make younger kids to enjoy playing with the different types of cars with this building set. With the small bricks, it is suitable for small hands, and yes, this toy is recommended for children around 2-5 years old.

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The Cons: As the product is well-built and gives good enjoyment for young kids to play with it0, there is virtually no disadvantage at all with the product. The only cons of the product is that while the label says that it is suitable for 1.5 years old kid, it may not be so, as kids that are still just 1.5 years may not be able to handle the toy properly. This toy is likely more suitable for kids aged 2-5 years old.

The Bottom Line: If you want to make your son to enjoy his time playing with Lego for the first time, this is the best Lego set you can give him. This Lego set will allow him to develop his creativity as he builds various fun cars with simple bricks that is easy and simple to do. As the material build is of high quality, you don’t need to worry about the quality of this product. Also, with smaller bricks, your kids can easily build their small cars without problem. It is a recommended toy for you to give on your kids’ birthday.

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It is a recommended toy to give your kids because it can help them build their creativity, and you don’t need to worry about the safety of this product, as it is designed to be safe for younger hands. Read more…

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