LEGO Juniors 10672 Batman: Defend the Bat Cave

LEGO Juniors 10672 Batman: Defend the Bat Cave

LEGO Juniors 10672 BatmanLego building is fun for everyone. Your kids will love it when you introduce Lego to them for the first time. Not only it will keep them busy building their Lego empire, it will also help your kids to develop their brain and make them smarter. But, which Lego set is the best to choose for the first time experience for your kids? The answer is Lego Juniors 10672 Batman: Defend The Bat Cave. Your kids will love it because it is simple and easy to build, with Batman and Robin superhero mini figures featured in it.

The Pros: This Lego set is designed to be simple for younger kids, and it is compatible with the regular Legos. The minifigures that you’ll get from this set consists of Batman, Robin, and The Joker. The Bat mobile, as well as the Bat Cave, are also featured in this Lego. It is a good addition of the Lego collection that your kids are currently having, or if you would like to introduce Lego for the first time, this is the best kit to choose as it is simple to use and easy to construct for younger as well as older kids.

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The Cons: While most people are satisfied with this Lego set, which is designed to introduce Lego brick building to your younger kids, some people don’t like the size of the minifigures as they consider it too small for them and cost too much. However, it is worthy to note that the small minifigures are designed this way because this Lego set is designed for 4-7 year-old kids.

The Bottom Line: If you are looking for the perfect Lego set to add to your collection, as well as to give your young kids the best first experience with Lego, this set is a very good set for you to take. Why? Because it is designed to be simple to construct, with cute little Batman and Robin minifigures to give your kids enjoyment in playing it. However, if you’re looking for the Lego set for older kids or if you want to add a more challenging set for your Lego collection, this might not be for you.

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The Lego Juniors 10672 Batman: Defend The Bat Cave is available on Amazon. The price range for this set is $25-$35, which is a regular price range for any Lego set that you’ll find. There are cheaper sets, but this particular Lego set has more complete mini figures, weapons, and building bricks, so it’s worth the money you’re paying for.

On Amazon, this product receives 4.8 out of 5 stars rating, which indicates that most people are satisfied with their purchase, with a very few people feeling disappointed about it.

Also, if you’re a Lego lover yourself, it is worthy to add to your collection of Lego mini figures. It is compatible with your regular Lego collection, which can be fitted perfectly on your existing collection. Read more…

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