LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 75056

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 75056

Daily festivity with LEGO City Advent

As you begin to count the days before Christmas, you can commence the festivity by enjoying building adventure the LEGO City Advent Calendar. The package comes with seven different assorted types of accessories, which includes Santa, a little boy, a cook, two policemen, and a young girl. So now you can send the little boy to post his letter to Santa or have the cook create a huge Christmas feast. You can also enjoy exchanging gifts around the Christmas tree.

Other inclusions

The package also includes duck, dinner table served with roast turkey, a catapult containing three snowballs, tricycle, and dog with a bone, two Christmas gifts, and a police scooter with a sled. Other accessories include a cookie, ice skates, a letter, Santa’s sack, megaphone, croissant, bag, handcuffs, plate of banknotes, Christmas decorations, and a cup. All these different inclusions allow you to create your own daily new adventure until the holiday.

Product Details


LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 75056The dimensions are 15 X 10.3 X 2.8 inches with total package weight of approximately fourteen ounces. All the various figures and people are roughly two inches high and the animals are about 1 1/8” high. Displaying the City Advent is very easy and all you have to do is open the back flap to create the flooring making the box the advent calendar where individuals are able to open each door to create the full scene. You can open the box on the first day in December and continue opening one door to create the mini build holiday season scene. LEGO has released this product is different themes, which also include Star Wars version and Friends in addition to the City Advent.

Star Wars Advent Calendar

This package comprises twenty-four doors that can be opened every day during the month of December to ring in the Christmas spirit. The box comes with seven and three droids that includes an exclusive holiday-based miniature figure. The different vehicles included in this set are Jedi Star Fighter, Luke’s Land Speeder, AV-7 Anti Vehicle Cannon, Snow Speeder, AAT, Vulture Droid, and the TIE Fighter. In addition the set comprises a fold-out play mate, an Imperial Shuttle, and a Christmas Speeder Bike. Every fan of any of the Star Wars galaxies will have fun with this cool theme based gift that enables them to enact hilarious Hoth-based scenes.

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Other Details

This Star Wars theme LEGO set weighs about fourteen pounds with dimensions admeasuring 15 X 10.3 X 2.8 inches. This product makes a perfect Christmas gifts especially for those who are big fans of the Star Wars galaxies. The set comprises everything; Christmas, Star Wars, and Lego making it an absolutely perfect gift. Unlike some of the previous calendars released in prior holiday seasons, this set does not have any of the last-minute thought about fillers. It is easy to build though can be a little tricky for young children. Read more…

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