Lenovo Laptops Reviews G580 15.6-Inch vs IdeaPad S415 59385555 14-Inch Touchscreen Laptop

Lenovo Laptops Reviews G580 15.6-Inch vs IdeaPad S415 59385555 14-Inch Touchscreen Laptop

Lenovo G580 15.6-Inch Laptop (Matte Black)
Lenovo G580Lenovo G580 is an everyday performance laptop with Intel i3 processor at 2.2 GHz. This is not in comparison with the other desktop computers and it may lag behind the new Ivy bridge chipsets but it is powerful enough for web browsing, editing images and watching HD videos and movies. There are many other everyday entry level laptops running windows 8 but this laptop is a best buy in the budget.It comes with 6 GB RAM, for multitasking, HD graphics 3000chipset. The laptop cannot play games at full graphics resolutions and I has to lower down the graphics to run the game and also the battery life is little shorter than the other performance laptops.
Typing is very comfortable on this laptop as the laptop comes with full sized Chiclet style laptop. The keyboard’s plastic is glossy so it picks up the fingerprints easily. The touchpad is made of same material as the rest of the laptop and there are chances to accidentally touch the touchpad while typing. The touchpad area is not deep and blends on the laptop area. It is little hard to use the touchpad in this manner. I will recommend it if you are looking for normal performance for the everyday use and are not a pro level techie geek. Read more…

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Lenovo IdeaPad S415 59385555 14-Inch Touchscreen Laptop (Silver Gray)
Lenovo IdeaPad S415 59385549Lenovo Ideapad is an entry level laptop which has a 0.9 inches thick 10 point multi-touch screen. I bought this laptop as I wanted an entry level in budget touch screen laptop with windows 8. The resolution of the screen is great and picture quality is quite enhanced. The 14 inch, touch screen with resolution of 1366*768 attracted me the most in this laptop.The laptop comes with 2 core AMD e1 processor which serves he everyday functions. The processor is clocked at a low speed just 1 GHz. This is the only drawback I found in this laptop in hardware.The second lagging aspect is the lack of Bluetooth connectivity. However, the machine supports Wi-Fi connection very well. The laptop comes with a 500 GB hard disk storage which is more than enough to store movies and music. I travel a lot therefore, I needed a laptop with at least this much of storage space and ease of touch screen technology makes my travel more comfortable. The low speed of the processor doesn’t hamper the performance of the laptop as there is 4 GB of DDR3 RAM in this laptop and it is enough to perform all the functions. Read more…

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