Levana Keera PTZ Baby Video Monitor (32012)

Levana Keera PTZ Baby Video Monitor (32012)

Levana Keera PTZLevana Keera PTZ Baby Video Monitor (32012) is the top most brand of baby monitor. The Keera monitor helps to trace out the child’s activity when unattended. It supports the parent to keep an eye on their child when they are away from their room. This monitor provides live video of the baby in the crib. The camera can easily fix in the wall wherever required. The camera is featured with PTZ function which means pan/ Tilt/ Zoom function which facilitates easy access to recording, capturing photos of the baby in different direction. The camera can give a view of 300 degree horizontally and 110 degree vertically. The video monitor provides greater zooming effect of the picture. It acts as a spy for our baby to catch the movement they are making. The monitor has 3 added cameras to watch 4 areas of the home.

The video monitor is accessed through remote control device. The control panels are of having feather touch facility. It helps to quick access of the menu items. The menu icons are devised in such a way to attract the user. The screen lock option is also possible to lock the control panel when not in use. They can be customized as per the user’s need. The valuable moment can be recorded using the Levana Keera PTZ Baby Video Monitor (32012). The storage capacity of the memory card is 2GB microSD. This memory card storage is easily read into the pc or laptop for future remembrances.

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The screen size is about 3.5” with battery stability for 24hrs.The other superior function is PEEP (power on- off energy efficient picture) mode. This mode resembles the sleep mode and it is set to save battery when there is pin drop silent in the home. If the baby screams or peep the camera gets activated to normal mode and steals all the moments of the baby. It provides Two-way communication between baby and the parent. The parent can talk to baby and settle them from any uncomfortability. It acts like an intercom to communicate with the child whenever needed. The camera has a special facility to react for the baby’s action.

It recognizes the baby’s voice and indicates the sound to parent by changing the colour of the indicator. There are 6 colors to indicate the sound of the baby. For murmuring it shows green colour, for yelling red colour, for whispering blue colour, for chattering orange colour and if it is disconnected it shows pink colour. It has an adjustable sensitivity feature according to the volume of the voice.

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Keera means dark. This name reveals its attribute. It means even in dark also it gives best picture of the baby. It uses LED light which is not visible to the user. It covers up to 12feet in the dark. The clearVu technology provides excellent precision and clarity to the picture up to 750ft away. So the user can relax and not to worry about their baby wherever they are in the home. Read more…

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