Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

Convenient and comfortable

This Little Tikes basketball set is very convenient and comfortable for use. The hoop is adjustable with the height ranging from between two feet and four feet. The entire set comprises an oversized rim along with a junior basketball. This comfortable basketball set helps to develop motor skills while improving coordination. Children can also learn social capabilities when they enjoy playing the game with their friends. The Little Tikes basketball set is best suited for children in the age group of eighteen months to five years.

Product Description

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball SetThis little basketball set is perfect for toddlers with its easily adjustable height. To make scoring easier, the hoop is provided with a backboard and a specialized wider rim. As your child grows, you can adjust this basketball set to six varying heights. The six inches ball is perfect for younger children who have smaller hands. You can easily fill the base with sand to provide the basketball hoop more stability. The Little Tikes basketball set is appropriate for both indoors as well as outdoors use.

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Product Features

The six inches ball is inflatable in case it loses air. This little basketball set is designed to make it easier for the young players to score more baskets. The oversized rim is primarily for this purpose allowing children to succeed with just the appropriate challenging level. The game teaches kids about positive competition while helping them develop social skills. As the children learn to score baskets, they are able to improve their eyes-hands coordination and develop fine motor skills. As the height increases over the years, the hoop can be raised higher to increase the level of challenge. With six different height levels, children will be able to enjoy shooting hoops and slam dunking. The package includes the basketball hoop, base, soft basketball, and the user manual.

Addictive in nature

The product dimensions are 23.8 X 22 X 60 inches with an approximate weight of three pounds. Setting up the hoop and the base is not very difficult and can be done within a few minutes. You won’t be surprised to find your children spending several hours every day shooting baskets or slum dunking. The ball is perfect and light weight to make it easier for younger children to be able to shoot without any difficulties. Parents are advised to lay the entire set down with the hoop sticking up and then step within the hoop to snap it more firmly within the back plate. This makes it completely secure and prevents the hoop from constantly coming out just after a few throws.

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Durable and long lasting

The Little Tikes basketball set is made from superior materials keeping in mind its durability and longevity. Even if you child outgrows the hoop after making all the possible adjustments from the six available options, it can be used to hand over to other children within your family or friends.


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