LUCID® by Linenspa 4″ Folding Foam Mattress + Sofa Style Floor Chair Perfect For Camping – 3-Year Warranty

LUCID® by Linenspa 4″ Folding Foam Mattress + Sofa Style Floor Chair Perfect For Camping – 3-Year Warranty

LUCID by Linenspa 4-inch Folding Foam MattressLUCID® by Linenspa 4″ Folding Foam Mattress is ideal for small spaces which can be used in traveling, in guest room very conveniently. This is a tri-fold sofa mattress in stylish design allowing you to keep it with you wherever you go traveling as it is of lightweight so it is easy to carry. As this is a high quality lightweight mattress so it can easily be lifted with the help of handles for easy transportation. The mattress works for many purposes, it can work for mattress or it can be folded to create a sofa-style floor chair. The mattress is designed in dense foam to give you comfort when you sleep on it. Almost all the materials are used to design this mattress are soft resulting in soft sleeping on the ground almost enjoyable. If you don’t need the mattress, you can fold it to create a sofa-style floor chair, which is ideal for sitting around the compfire.
This kind of mattresses are good for spaces, the mattress is perfect for a playroom, it also provides the politeness of a bedding system without any additional bed or bedding support in the guest-room. As LUCID® by Linenspa 4-inch mattress is of tri-fold in compact size which is perfect for going out with the mattress, not only for travelling but also for camping, RVs, dorms etc.
The products like mattress which spends its long time in storage, it is obvious that it can be caught by bacterial elements, it may have lots of dusts on the front and it can be allergen as well but you can’t find such problems with LUCID Linenspa Mattress at all because it is naturally antimicrobial and resistant to allergens or bacterial stuffs. This LUCID high quality and durable mattress is manufactured in America, imported material is used to give the top rank of quality and softness. You get additional benefit of three years of limited warranty. So there is no fear of losing anything as you have 3 years in your hand, within 3 years, if you get any defect you can take benefit of your 3 years of warranty. Most importantly, mattress and other accessories are approved from CertiPUR-USA means the mattress has passed quality guidelines by CeriPUR-USA. From environment point of view, this is really safe and durable mattress which is designed with organic materials to give you extra softness to your body and you will relax a lot sleeping on this kind of bed. Read more…

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