Micro Bead Hair Extensions – Buy from Amazon in Best Prices

Micro Bead Hair Extensions – Buy from Amazon in Best Prices

100 Pcs Brown 5mm Silicone Lined Micro-ring Links Beads Linkies for I Stick Hair Extension Installation and Feathers

It has thin layer which is made of silicone coats and you would find it in the middle point of these micro bead which is really helpful for extra holding power and slippage purposes as well. Small size and other sizes are available you can use them with a small size of threading wire, this silicone lined micro beads are mainly implemented with the i-tip extensions as well.


200 PCS 2.8mm Black Color Copper Tubes Beads Locks Micro Rings for I Tipped Human Hair Extensions

You can find 200 PCS 2.8mm colored copper cylinders lines that are locking micro beads for the best tipped human hair extensions.


200 PCS 5mm Light Brown Color Silicone Lined Micro Rings Links Beads For I Bond Stick Tip Feather Hair Extensions

  • Type: Silicone line of Micro Rings
  • Color: Light Brown (appealing color)
  • Material: Aluminum & Silicone (this is perfect choice of all)
  • Quantity:200 pcs
  • Size: 5mm Outside Diameter, 3.5mm Inside Diameter, 3mm Length
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