Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Microsoft Tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Microsoft Tablet


Microsoft is a well known name in the field of technology. For many years, this company has delivered outstanding products. This company is an aggressor in software technology. They have given many amazing products such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, MS Office and so on. Their operating systems have been used in many computers. Now, Microsoft has also started coming up with their own hardware. In the changing world of computer hardware, tablets are the new  devices preferred by everyone. Microsoft successfully launched their tablet titled ‘Microsoft Surface Pro’. Now in its third version, this tablet has undergone many improvements and is ready to deliver the best.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 3This tablet by Microsoft has been well appreciated in the market. With this tablet, Microsoft has managed to keep all the best features together. Powered by the trusted Intel fourth generation core i5 processors, these tablets are tough and easy to use. They deliver an amazing performance. Microsoft has really put lots of efforts in designing these tablets. They are smooth and sleek. They have the nice metallic feel. They have a high resolution screen which makes watching videos enjoyable. You can browse easily with these tablets and do everything you want to.

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The tablet has huge storage of 128 GB. Due to this reason, you can have all your files, media and other important things in this one device. These specifications make this tablet your one stop for all the contents and storage. Ample storage means storing all the files and folders in one device. So, you will never forget any file or run out of storage space. This tablet has Windows 8.1 Pro operating system. Since the operating systems of Microsoft have always been good, you can be sure about the quality of this software. This tablet comes with a Surface Pen. This helps in better browsing experience. This is a digital pen. It is very effective and works as a stylus. The sensitive touch of this digital pen makes it very useful.

Durable And Efficient

This tablet is very durable. You can count on this device to satisfy all your web related needs. You can browse, view media and do work on this tablet. It serves all your needs without any problem. The digital pen is also durable. It does not undergo any kind of wear and tear.

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Better Than Other Tablets

This Microsoft tablet is better than other tablets you can find in the market. It has long lasting performance guarantee. It has amazing colors and good battery life. It also has HD display and high resolution screen. This makes it enjoyable to watch videos and pictures. You can experience the new way of surfing the web with this tablet. This tablet is way ahead of other tablets in all aspects. Get this hi-tech tablet and enjoy the web experience to the fullest. Read more…

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