Mini Key Chain Personal Breathalyzer

Mini Key Chain Personal Breathalyzer

Mini Key Chain is an FDA approved Personal Breathalyzer, it keeps you informed about your blood alcohol level  to make sure you are safe and responsible to the society, it is of very small size to fit in your pocket or purse. Mini Key Chain has a timer that is helpful for tracking your parking meter, it has a great LED flashlight for those dark parking garages, alleys and Sanitary. You just need to blow into the top sensor up to 3 seconds and test results are displayed in colorful LED screen. This 3-inch device needs 2 AAA batteries. According to users’ reviews, accuracy of this device is a little suspicious, I have used the breathalyzer before drinking beer and I got a 0.05% BAC, if you drink just one glass of wine, you receive a 0.08% BAC but it is not inaccurate. Another user is saying that personally I will spend the extra $20 and I will get AlcoHawk Slim Digital Breathalyzer with probably better accuracy.

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According to Amazon shopping website, it is a reference tool only, it can’t be used for a legal purpose, it has green, yellow and red lights that indicate level of alcohol detected. This mini breath tester has a traffic light readout style system that makes reading very easy. While testing if you get a green indicator light then it is OK, you can drive car in this status, if you get yellow indicator then you should wait for a while before you go home, if you get red indicator then you should not drive car, you should take help of your friend in this situation, so this is really a good tool to check if you have had too much drink or not.

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