Naneu Sahara 115F Expandable DSLR/Laptop Briefcase

Naneu Sahara 115F Expandable DSLR/Laptop Briefcase

Naneu Sahara 115FThis is about Naneu Expandable Sahara Shoulder Bag. The bag is made of nylon. This is specially manufactured having all sophistication inside the bag itself. The bag is having several inserts in side and if you remove all these inserts, then the bag will become a thin one suitable for laptop! The bag is well designed to have liked this. Hence this is in demand among the users. The bag is available in two colors, namely black and white. However, black in demand and 85% of the sales come from black colour only.

The bag is having trolley system and there is provision available for water bottle also. This is protected from rain due to cover pack. This compartment specially designed to all types of cameras such as Canon, Nikon, and Alpha and so on. This is also a unique bag in terms of its quality and accommodating any type of camera and converting this into a laptop bag. This is a shoulder bag and well-designed keeping transportation in Air and duel functions into consideration. There is good amount of storage place for handsets, MP3 player, and it will also carry 15.4” laptop. This compartment is well developed and light weight also.

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Compartmentalization and Usage

Though Naneu Expandable Sahara Shoulder Bag is developed many compartments in the past. The company aimed at the consumers who are in need of multiple functions in the bag and given priority of these customers’ thought, they manufactured the same. After releasing the same to the market only, they understand the real demand.  Now they are marketing this to all parts of the world and across all cities. They distribute this thro their chain of net work already available. In some places, they appoint distributors as well to take care of the marketing. The distributors distribute the bags and pushing to more number of people. The awareness is also well created among common people. While doing this they offer small gift for the newcomers. This activity is encouraging others also to buy this bag. Pricing is well taken care of.

They have formed one customer service department for this. As the bag is well distributed, they expect wide range of enquiries or complaints. To handle such things exclusively, they have created separate customer service department for servicing. The people are well trained and technically know all the details and functions of the bag. Any complaint will be attended within 24 hours as per the norms. If reachable, the customer service people visiting the customer’s residence and take physical note of the complaints and inspect the bag.  Mostly they solve such complaints instantly. The bags are also getting supplied directly from show room to the customers. In this case, the quality control department takes charge of delivering good pcs to the customer. Hence the company ensures customer service in every stage and keeping Naneu 115f Sahara Camera compartment sales in tact always. Thus, we have a market for bags as well as the cameras these days! Read more…

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