OCR Software Reviews: FileCenter Standard 8 vs TopOCR

OCR Software Reviews: FileCenter Standard 8 vs TopOCR

FileCenter Standard 8

FileCenter Standard 8The FileCenter Standard 8 is a great program to make all your pdf files and other documents, bills, receipt into an editable document so that you can have an electronic record on your computer saving lots of time and space. Most importantly, they are very easy to find once scanned and kept in your PC’s hard drive. Anytime you need them, just search in your PC and you will have the documents ready to use. It is really the great software to keep in almost all the households for saving time as well as space. It is also a great tool for offices; you can organize your office file at one place, which will easily be accessed when required. I’m sure you are not going to find any easier solution than FileCenter, it is really a great tool for managing files, documents, and other paper works. Now is the time to move all your official paper and other documents to fully searchable file in no time. You can easily put all your documents, letters, receipts, and business cards in your PC as fast as a scanner can do. The software is actually designed to save time spent on paper works. This has also a great OCR feature that can handle bulk of PDF files to scan and to make editable file so that you can use them as per your requirements. Read more…

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TopOCR [Download]

TopOCRThe Top OCR is a user friendly tool to scan any type of files. The software comes with an excellent feature of image editing and word processing capability. You can easily use this software to scan bulk of files and documents to make them editable for further use. After the scan is completed, you can easily save them in .pdf/.html./.txt/.rtf file formats for further use. It also comes with language tool and speech recognition tool for voice files, so you have all the things you need for the purpose of scanning documents and making them in editable format for using them in your next project according to your business or personal requirements.
Apart from doing all these things, TopOCR can also read and write multi-page PDF image files. The software supports “scan to pdf”, so you can easily archive any number of scanned images in a high resolution pdf file. Not only this, you can also use this software to convert pdf files into mp3 files. The software has also a great capability of fixing problems arising from low contrast and low light conditions. Read more…

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