Optimum Nutrition Complete Protein Diet Meal Shake Mix

Optimum Nutrition Complete Protein Diet Meal Shake Mix

Optimum Nutrition Complete Protein Diet Meal Shake Mix has good composition which can be used for losing weight apart from getting nutrition to the body which helps in making slim body shape as it has 200 filling calories, 35 grams carbohydrates and 1 gram sugar, the diet meal shake is mixed of healthy oils such as safflower, olive, borage and evening primrose. It has complete protein diet plan which contains 26 vitamins and important minerals. This is perfect for those who want to grow their body with less appetite more satisfaction when they are in exercise period. It has protein in required amount that supports weight control by reducing your hunger and increasing metabolism as these two are basic elements of complete protein diet, seeing this thing, it has 35 g protein from six main protein sources. Optimum Nutrition Complete Protein Diet Meal Shake Mix also has 26 vitamins, minerals and required fats so you can say it is more than just a protein powder. This is known as complete, protein reach meal.
Manufacturer of this product has clearly mentioned that the product is manufactured in a place where many wheat, seed, and nut ingredients are used, so it contains soy, egg, corn and diary materials.

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The main ingredients were used in this products are Hydrolyzed Whey Peptides, Whey Protein Isolate, Lipid Blend, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Vitamin and Mineral Blend and others.

PhD Nutrition – Pharma-Greens Strawberry Kiwi, 330 g powder
You should be aware of the fact that a high acid internal environment is affected by many things such as high sugar in diet, processed carbohydrates, alcohol soda, coffee, stress, free radicals, high blood pressure, and making of lactic acid during muscle contraction. While a healthy, energy promoting environment can be made of consumption of dark leafy greens, vegetables, legumes and phytonutrients, required amount of exercise, stress relief and required vitamin and mineral intake..

 Protein Diet Meal Shake MixThe product has whole super food nutrition and cleansing herb blend that are helpful for increasing energy and reducing stress, it cleanses and purifies the digestive system, environment promotion, it supports immune function enhancing physical and mental power, it takes care of overall health.
A very healthy source of antioxidants, herbs enzymes, vitamins and other elements can be found in PhD Nutrition – Pharma-Greens Strawberry Kiwi, 330 g powder. As it is very helpful to get rid of nutrient deficiencies and it gives provides a better health solution, it is built in the way so that it can help body’s ability to digest and absorb nutrients in required amount. This product can be very helpful to athlets, person with an inadequate diet or low intake of Veg. /proteins, those people who need energy and stress relieve.

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