Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Reviews

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Reviews

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass helps in weight gain with the help of required amount of calories. Paradoxically, those people who require more calories, they have the difficult time for consuming most of the calories. Many people want to be bigger, highly active, good shape of the body, they may have problem related to appetites and it may be challenging to get all those things from daily routine food as well, Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass takes care of all these things and help a lot in growing your health easily and effectively. Using Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, you don’t have to lose anything instead you get lots of benefit to your health. The product has around 1250 calories, 50g of protein and 250g of carbo-hydrates and 25 vitamins and minerals  with extra glutamine and creatine per serving so this is the perfect time for getting serous mass. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass allows you to get 3 servings/day. This comes with perfect-energy diet and intense physical activities, this can support your quest for a good and healthy looking physical body. Standered body weight can be 100 to 174 lbs coming from 1 scoop 3x every day, 175-224 lbs 1-1/2 Scoops 3x everyday, above 224: 2 scoops 3x daily.

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If you need to increase more mass, you can supercharge your serous mass. You can match these ingredients to use more varieties and boost the caloric value of your serious mass shake: Granola; chocolate chips, semi sweet; peanut butter; almonds; peanuts; ice cream; vanilla whole milk; coconut, shredded, flax seed oil, oat bran, dry; banana; honey; molasses.

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass
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