Outdoor Fake , Dummy Security Camera with Blinking Light (Silver)

Outdoor Fake , Dummy Security Camera with Blinking Light (Silver)

Product Description

The outdoor fake dummy security camera comprises a flashing light to keep unwanted people away from your homes and properties. With the bracket and arm movement, the camera is fully adjustable from zero to ninety in downwards direction tilt and zero to three hundred sixty left and right rotation. The camera is powered by 1.5V AA batteries, which are not included in the package. The dummy security camera can be used without any difficulties both indoors as well as the outdoors.

Product Details

Dummy Security CameraThe dimensions of this dummy security camera are 1 X 1 X 1 inch and weight is roughly one pound. The camera is an excellent way to prevent robbers, thieves, and vandals away without incurring the huge expenditure of an actual security system and camera. When you fit this camera in your home or office, you can be assured that unwanted people will consider it to be a real security system with high-tech and advanced features ensuring they stay away from your premises. The design and style of this camera is similar to an actual security surveillance camera but has been slightly modified to convert it into a fake or dummy device.

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Product Features

Although, this is a dummy security camera, it is provided with a flashing light to provide the device with an authentic look and feel. In addition, the device includes an authentic video cable and a completely adjustable mounting bracket to allow easy and quick installation. The stainless steel screws needed to fit the camera are provided by the manufacturer to ensure users have no difficulty in using the device. The camera comprises a rain shield increasing the dimensions to 7 X 3 X 3 inches. The device works on two AA batteries, which need to be purchased separately.

Useful to keep scoundrels away

If you live away from civilization in remote rural locations, installing this dummy security camera is useful in keeping scoundrels away. The lithium batteries power a small red LED light that blinks on and off providing the impression of an actual real security camera. These LED lights continue blinking constantly and works for a long period of time, which offers a cost efficient and affordable way to keep thieves and robbers away. The design resembles real security cameras that are known for emitting invisible infrared lights for enabling improved night viewing. Although it is a dummy security device, it holds up well even in extreme weather conditions like strong winds and storms.

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Security features

For someone who looks closely into the camera will never realize the device is a dummy because of the infrared illuminators. The new technically advanced lights provide an invisible light that is unseen by the naked eyes. The device provides an added realistic feel and appearance when installed at an elevation or at a height. Even though it is a dummy, it is made with good materials to provide it with longevity and durability.


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