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  • Angelcare Baby Monitor Reviews: Movement and Sound Monitor Deluxe Plus

    Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor, Auqa/White

    Angelcare Movement and Sound MonitorAngelcare Movement and Sound Monitor comes with Auqa and White colors which looks like a religious thing in your baby room. From safety point of views, it is totally 100% safe when it comes to alarming you in your baby’s critical condition. Any movement and changes in the movement of your baby are detected by this device and you will be notified instantly so that you can know what’s going on in the baby’s room. Angelcare Movement-and-Sound Monitor provides good coverage of up to 820 feet. The monitor has 8 channels to minimize interference offering regular sound transmission. An alarm will ring if there is no movement is detected for 20 seconds. The LED screen shows temperature level, sound and movement of your baby’s room. Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor is a lightweight baby monitor weighing just 3.6 pounds with the dimensions of 12.7 by 11.1 by 5.2 inches. It requires 4 AAA batteries; each battery has 4 hours of life in one recharge. Read more…

    Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor Deluxe Plus, Auqa/White

    Angelcare delux plusAngelcare Deluxe Plus baby monitor is a perfect baby monitor to all your baby-monitoring requirements. Being apart from your baby, you can easily track your baby’s breath, its movement, the room temperature, noise level of the room with the help an alarm attached with parent unit. You can easily set this Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor under the mattress sensor pad for the proper tracking requirements of your baby’s movement. The baby monitor comes with the range of 820 feet, a nursery night light and a voice activated sound transmission. The item weighs 5.9 pounds and it comes in the dimensions of 10.9 by 10.7 by 5.1 inches. Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor Deluxe Plus, Auqa/White requires 8 AAA batteries to run, one battery has more than 4 hours of life at one recharge. Read more…

  • Lorex BB2411 2.4″ Sweet Peek Video Baby Monitor with IR Night Vision and Zoom, White Review

    Lorex BB2411The Lorex BB2411 2.4″ Sweet Peek Video Baby Monitor comes with so many features and it removes all the worries of parents in regards to their baby’s safety. From any corners of your house, you are able to monitor your toddlers without going through any difficulties. The Lorex Video Baby Monitor has some excellent features such as larger monitor screen size of 2.4 inches, crystal clear night vision, image zooming, two-sided accessibilities, soothing lullabies, clear sounds, a coverage of up to 450 feet, a built-in night-light, connect up to 4 cameras and a long battery life of 8 hours. The package includes a wireless camera, a 2.4-inch rechargeable LCD monitor, 2 power adapters, a mounting kit and a manual. Read more…

  • Philips AVENT Basic Baby Monitor with DECT Technology Review

    Philips AVENTSCD510/00 DECT Philips AVENT Baby Monitor lets you care your baby even you are away from your baby’s room. With advanced capabilities of the Philips AVENT Baby Monitor, you can get a complete personalized link with your bay without any interference. Also, its specialized talk-back option lets you connect with your baby from any corners of your house. The SCD510 baby monitor has also a soft night-light feature to comfort your infant in the night. It has some great features such as “long range with better operating time”, “no interference with fully privacy assurance”, “manageable sound sensitivity and clear audio”, “LEDs and hearable alerts from the baby’s room”, and “talk straight forward with your baby”. Read more…

  • Samsung UltraVIEW 2-Camera Baby Monitoring System (SEW-3038W) Review

    Samsung SEW-3036WNSamsung UltraVIEW 2-Camera Baby Monitoring System comes with two remote cameras to monitor two infants at the same time. You can easily monitor two separate areas of your home with the help of Samsung UltraView Baby Monitoring System. The baby monitor has a wide LCD screen of 3.5 inches. This convenient wireless monitoring system provides a clear live video steaming of your babies’ room. From the parent unit, you are able to control the cameras to view in pan-tilt-zoom modes according to your own viewing choice or preference. The low light mode of the cameras is based on non-visible IR LEDs for inconspicuous monitoring in darkness. The device has pre-loaded microphones and speakers that let you listen to your infant very clearly. The colorful-display LCD screen has an incomparable range of approximately 900 ft. With this long distance coverage, you will keep monitoring your children from anywhere in your home. Also, you have an option to add 2 more cameras to the Samsung UltraVIEW 2-Camera Baby Monitoring System. It means you will be monitoring 4 separate areas of your home very easily.
    When it comes to installing the baby monitoring system, it is really very easy to install. The cameras require an AC adaptor while the LCD monitor runs on an in-built rechargeable battery. Using The Samsung Baby Monitoring System is really very easy, because of its user-friendly navigation capability. Read more…

  • Withings Smart Baby Monitor, White Review

    Withings Smart Baby MonitorThe Withings Smart Baby Monitor can provide the best monitoring accessibility to parents to monitor their infants from any corner of your house using their iPhone or iPad. The Smart Baby Monitor has a high capacity camera of 3 MP for viewing clear and pictures of the baby’s room. Using pan-tilt-zoom feature of this baby monitor, you can easily select the room with a touch of the screen. Now you are going to talk to your baby virtually along with seeing your baby in your iPhone or iPad. It has a great notification system that notifies you when your baby is in any difficulties or he is not in a normal position. Now you don’t have any problem if you are far away from your baby, you can monitor your baby from your friend’s home or from any traveling place. The latest technology of the Withings Smart Baby Monitor lets you connect with your baby even you are far away. Read more…

    Main features:

    • Monitor your baby from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
    • Night vision video capability
    • Advanced PTZ technology for trouble-free navigation
    • Auto notification of movements and temperature changes
    • Talk with, play lullabies for your baby
    • Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Bluetooth connectivity
    • A lithium-ion battery
    • One year warranty
  • Baby Monitor Reviews: Motorola Digital vs Summer Baby Wave Digital Audio Monitor

    Motorola Digital Audio Baby Travel Monitor

    Motorola Baby Monitor Reviews Digital Audio Baby TravelIn Baby Monitor Reviews, the MBP8 Baby Monitor from Motorola Brand is an excellent baby monitor as of now. The device will give you the complete piece of mind, as monitoring your infant becomes very easily. The baby monitor is built in DECT technology offering an excellent way of digital communication between parents and babies. Most importantly, it gives you the complete free-interference from other wireless digital devices installed around your house. Parent and baby units can easily be fixes with your wall-outlet for the purpose of communication between parent and child. The device lets you listen to the every peep of your child. For providing clear sound, it is designed with 1.9 GHz FHSS technology that ensures the highest quality sound. The MPB8 baby monitor has an excellent coverage capability of up to 500 feet, and it also comes with out-of-range warning, if you are out of the monitor range, the warning feature will let you know very easily. Read more…

    Summer Baby Wave Digital Audio Monitor

    Summer Baby Wave Digital Audio MonitorThe Summer Baby Wave Digital Audio Monitor keeps helping parents throughout the day and night. Summer baby monitor is all you need to monitor your infant sleeping in a different room of the same house. It has highly responsive sound system and LED lights to notify about the noise-level of your baby’s room according to Baby Monitor Reviews by users on Amazon. Parents can easily hear any sounds coming from baby. With the purchase of Summer Baby Wave Digital Audio Monitor, you get a parent unit receiver, a baby unit transmitter, 2 AC adapters and an instruction manual. All baby monitors of Summer brand are of high quality and they deliver the best result without any doubts. The Summer Baby Wave Digital Audio Monitor lets you not only hear your infant but you can see the sound level of your baby’s room. YES, it displays the sound level of your baby’s room in a colorful bar, the color automatically changes based on the changes of sound level. If the sound level is increasing, the display bar will change from green to amber to red. These types of lighting features are helpful to the parents when they are in a noisy room. Read more…

  • Motorola Additional Camera for Motorola MBP36 Baby Monitor, Brown with White

    Motorola MBP36 Baby Monitor has additional camera to keep viewing your baby in any way you like. Parent unit can connect with up to 4 cameras including baby unit to make sure you are watching your baby according to your preference, you can view from another room at the same time 3 more active camera will be working and those cameras can be used by other persons to monitor your baby as well, you can fix a camera to an older siblings bedroom and view all your babies from one convenient parent unit or you can connect extra cameras to your baby’s nursery to enhance your viewing area, additional cameras are easy to fix, you can put in your dress as well and you will be monitoring your baby anywhere you walk around your home, kitchen, bathroom or any viewing area according to your personal requirements. Ultimately this is a great baby monitor with the option of using 4 cameras at the same time for watching and monitoring your babies from any room or any place you want.

    Motorola Additional Camera for Motorola MBP36 Baby Monitor, Brown with White
    Motorola Additional Camera for Motorola MBP36 Baby Monitor, Brown with White
  • Snuza Baby Monitor, Hero

    This device is portable means it is easy to carry anywhere according to your personal requirements. Snuza Baby Monitor is perfect choice according to demand of today, it doesn’t have any limitation like other monitors Snuza is very innovative baby monitor offering unsurpassed technology for the purpose of monitoring babies, it has fine tune precision monitoring system with mobility and ergonomics. This baby monitor is ideal for home, traveling or visiting your friend home. The Snuza Monitor has an exclusive vibration option can be activated to rouse baby’s movement that is not sensed for 15 seconds, in case, movement is not found within 5 seconds, a hearing alarm is automatically activated so it provides utmost safety to your baby and you don’t have any risk as well.

    Snuza Portable, Video/Audio Baby Monitor
    Snuza Portable, Video/Audio Baby Monitor
  • Infant Optics DXR-8 Pan/Tilt/Zoom 3.5″ Video Baby Monitor With Interchangeable Optical Lens

    Infant Optics DXR-8 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Baby Monitor is a high quality baby monitor with interchangeable optical lens feature, you have option to personalize viewing mode according to your preference. The size of LCD display is 3.5 inches which is large enough for monitoring and viewing requirements, built in sleek, compact style with retractable antenna and sound activated LED display. You get long battery life of up to 10 hrs while power saving mode is one, the battery will last for 6 hours if screen mode is on. With Infant Optics, you also get one optical zoom lens, if you need wide angle lens, you can get it by buying separately. Product dimensions: 9.2×8.5×3.6 inches and shipping weight: 2 pounds. The product is manufactured in Chine, Battery: one lithium ion battery included. The product has gotten good customer reviews at high on customers. Read more…

    Infant Optics DXR-8 Pan/Tilt/Zoom 3.5" Video Baby Monitor With Interchangeable Optical Lens
    Infant Optics DXR-8 Pan/Tilt/Zoom 3.5″ Video Baby Monitor With Interchangeable Optical Lens
  • Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor

    Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor uses DECT technology and it works in zero interference from any other transmitting product, the product can be other baby monitors, cordless phones or mobile as well. It works in data encryption mode that gives a protected connection to make sure that you are only the person who is listening to your baby sound. When we talk about sound quality of this product then sound quality is of high level which is clear in listening to, and the sound is sweet too which won’t let you annoying from hearing the voice of your baby. You can hear every tiny giggle, gurgle and hic-up clearly. DECT technology offers high quality of sound to hear your child anytime you want. Its indoor range is up to 50 meters and outdoor range is up to 300 meters. The range can be different for different areas, location, clear signal and other factors that cause interference. It can be operated with rechargeable battery too, it means it is portable and it gives you flexibility for mobility as well.

    Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor
    Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor
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