Parental Control Software Reviews – YourSafetynet vs CyberPatrol

Parental Control Software Reviews – YourSafetynet vs CyberPatrol

YourSafetynet home – 1 PC license – 1 year, updates included

Parental Control Software Reviews YourSafetynetThe purpose of Parental Control Software Reviews is to help you choose the right parental control software. The YourSafetynet helps you protect your children from the internet fraud and strangers. The software can easily prevent bullying, threats or contact with strangers. You can easily block websites, messengers, social networking websites and many others. The software is capable to filter both type of IP address, static and dynamic. You can let your children use internet or computer for a specific time only. You are able to white-list and black-list certain websites, chat, social media websites based on your own requirements and preferences. By scanning proxy websites, you can easily prevent anonymous surfing, and you will have 100% control over your children, family and spouse. You can also display a unique warning message to other chat contacts, social media contacts, email contacts to prevent abuse and threatening, the warning massage is very helpful to protect against malicious chatters. The software also comes with a unique alert button for children for making quick screen capturing when suspected action is found. The software comes with great option to save IP information, chat history, chat contact for further action. The software is compatible with any Windows OS such as Windows 7, Vista and XP in 32 as well as 64 bits versions. The software is now available in two languages, English and Spanish, which you can choose at the time of installation. The software doesn’t take much space of your hard drive, it takes just 15MB to be installed on your PC. Read more…

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Family Cyber Alert (Version 4.41 CD+Download): Parental Control &

Family Cyber AlertKeylogger & Internet Monitoring & Chat Monitoring & Web Filter
The Family Cyber Alert is an internet and PC monitoring program, which is very useful to prevent your children from internet risks. If you are concerned about your kid’s online activities, then you must install this software on your PC for the peace of mind. As soon as you installed this chat and internet monitoring software, you will have a better control over your children in relation to what they are doing online. The Family Cyber Alert is an all-in-one PC/Internet activity monitor to protect your children and family from bad activities on the internet. The software delivers good performance when it comes to accessing files, keystrokes, screen snapshots, time passed, IP information and other related information. The software comes with great features of blocking email, chat, IM, and it can also block game applications alerting you when it finds any suspicious things on your PC. The software can easily be personalized, and it can be used in your own ways depending on what you like and what you don’t like. The Family Cyber Alert Parental Control & Keylogger & Internet Monitoring & Chat Monitoring & Web Filter saves the data to a hidden location so that you can check later. The software is compatible with Windows OS, so you can easily install this software on your PC using Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/ME. Read more…

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CyberPatrol Parental Controls 7.7

CyberPatrol Parental ControlsThe CyberPatrol Parental Controls 7.7 lets you have 100% control over your children. The software provides the flexible ways to monitor your children and block unwanted sites very easily. With 100% safety, your children will still have the freedom to explore the internet for all their learning and playing requirements. The software comes with great features to limit or prevent programs that are risky to your kids. You can easily protect your PC from telling important information by your children to strangers. Your PC will not be infected from any kind of malware or any suspicious activities. You have great customization feature to customize filtering for each user. You can install this software on up to 3 computers. CyberPatrol Parental Controls 7.7 is a 100% safety program to be used by parents to save their children. Read more…

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum 2014 3 Devices

Trend Micro Titanium MaximumThe Trend Micro Titanium Maximum 2014 is 100% safe to be installed on your PC, the software is very advanced to provide complete protection to your PC and your children. The software has many unique features to provide 100% safety to your family from using social media websites such as FaceBook, Google+, Twitter and others. The software comes with robust parental controls to restrict and filter websites access for children, and you can use its built-in program to automatically monitor children online. The Trend Micro Titanium Maximum 2014 is the best program, when you compare it with other similar programs. The software has earned great reviews and ratings on Amazon from its users, this software is very helpful in phishing detection to keep your important data safe. You can use its great password management feature to manage password, and you can store up to 5GB data in the cloud, the software let you quickly access your files from any computer, mobiles and android devices. Read more…

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