Password Journal 8 by Girl Tech

Password Journal 8 by Girl Tech

The Girl Tech Journal

Password Journal 8An appropriate journal for all those girls who like to keep one, the Girl Tech Password Journal provides an excellent option. Available in pink the entire package contains one invisible ink pen, one password journal case, and one notebook. The journal can be opened only after you say your password aloud ensuring you get complete privacy and can keep your secrets away from nosy friends or relatives. You can also use the journal in your MP3 player and listen to all your favorite music tracks. The journal has a secret compartment that can be used to protect your personal belongings and important things. The invisible ink that you use to make your entries is visible only under a special glow light.

Product Description

Available in your favorite pink color, the journal will not open unless you say your password aloud making your voice an important key for unlocking the journal. Your music being a must, you can easily plug in this journal to your MP3 player and listen to all your favorite songs. Keep your stuff safe and secured inside the secret compartment provided to safeguard your things. Even when someone is able to open the journal using your password, the words written in the invisible ink are protected because these are visible only under a specialized glow light.

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Good gift

Recommended for girls aged six years and above, this password protected journal makes an excellent gifting option. Its dimensions are 12 X 10 X 2 inches and weight is about two pounds. The girls will love this special journal knowing it responds only to their voice command and the ink protects the words even if someone is able to open the journal. Some people are concerned about the password protection because it needs to be rightly repeated each time you want to get this open. There is no need for any concern because once you read the instructions, setting the password and using it to access the journal is very simple.

Superior quality

The journal is not made using cheap materials, which ensures it is not flimsy or easily damaged. The voice recognition is excellent and will recognize only the person who sets the password using her voice. The invisible ink is also a great idea because it will show up only when held under the special glow light provided with the entire package. The compartment is amazing way to keep personal things away from siblings or pesky relatives. Most girls who have used this product are amazed with its quality and functionality.

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Modern and technically advanced

Every girl who receives this password protected journal is going to ecstatic. The product enables her to keep her personal writings hidden from others while also giving a secret apartment to store her important things. The journal opens only when she says the password and the words written using the invisible ink can only be read under the special glow light provided with the journal. Read more…

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