Pelican 1200 Case with Foam for Camera (Black)

Pelican 1200 Case with Foam for Camera (Black)

Taking care of any your equipment is really much important one.  Everyone will show much interest to protect his/her holdings from several elements such as water, dust, corrosion, dust, etc.  The Pelican 1200 Case (Black) provides such an opportunity to protect your equipment from these elements.  They are unbreakable, dust proof and chemical resistant.  This product is safe and liked by more customers because of its corrosion-proof, airtight and watertight specification.

Construction and features:

Pelican 1200 CaseThe 1200 case foam is a pre-cut which will allow you to customize the interior parts.  Just track the item you want to keep in the case and pluck the foam out by hand.  It does not require any tool.  You just need 15 minutes to customize.  This product is made up of Ultra-High Impact structural copolymer which will make the case extremely stronger and durable. The exterior part is now being highly designed with solid wall design.  Then the interior is with Polyethylene foam. It has Three-piece foam seat interior along with a 0.25’’ (6.4 mm) neoprene 0-ring.  This will provide you greater protection with easy-open double throw latches that helps to seal the case perfectly.  The interior dimension is 9.25 X 7.12 X 4.12 inches. It’s most liked feature is automatic pressure equalization value. This will allow you to give quick equalization after changes in atmospheric pressure.  This will allow the person to use two hands on oversized handle to tackle the heavy loads. The three- piece foam set of Pelican 1200 Case (Black) consists of one upper section foam that is convoluted, one blank bottom foam section and also one N pluck foam section.  This will maintain the temperature rating normally.

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The pelican 1200 case has the total depth of 4.11” (10.4 cm). The weight of the case does not vary large one with foam and without fame.  The weight with foam is 2.87 lbs (1.3 kg) and weight without foam is 2.65 lbs (1.2 kg).  The foam properties include the Lid layer and base layer.  The Pelican 1200 Case (Black) has Base layer 1 with 0.56”(1.4 cm) Pad, Lid Layer 2 with 1.38” (3.5 cm) convolute and Base layer 3 with 2.19”(5.6 cm) Diced.  The total master pack weight is 25 lbs (11.34 kg), which is a easy weight to carry the case with its single oversized handle.  This will provide you with the lifetime guarantee of excellence.

These Pelican cases are available in variable sizes and more attractive colors such silver, Tan, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Desert Tan.  People get more attracted to the black color.  The Pelican cases are also available in sizes such as 1400 Case with and without foam, pelican- 1500 case with foam and without foam.  Several online shopping sites offer this excellent and handy product at a more affordable price.  Read more…

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