Project Management Software Review

Project Management Software Review

Project Planner Professional Project Management and Scheduling Software

Project Planner Professional Project Management and Scheduling Software is helpful to perform many tasks such as organizing, tracking and reporting all your project data with user information, resources and status. You are able to make best use of resources with user oriented features; consequently you will be able to manage usage, workers, budgets and other resources. Most important programs are calendar scheduling features, with your buying agreement; you get the license at the time of buying this software. The image calendar has custom coding. This software helps in scheduling tasks, employees, appointments, meetings, projects, phone calls, email and many others. It has customizable fields that can be customized according to your specific needs. Settings and tools of this project management software give you access for easy management of resources and you will be able to divert the resources in the right direction. With the help of this software, you will be able to generate status reports and manage user rights. Most importantly, you are able to list employees in proper order according to your preference with personalized project details, project grade, time table and professional calendar items for identification and easy reference.

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Microsoft Project Standard 2010

Microsoft Project Standard 2010 gives you much flexibility to manage your projects with help of Microsoft software such as Excel 2010 with access to project calendar details. You are able to view and distribute important facts with the help of latest timeline view. If you are going to buy this software from Amazon, you will get list price of $599.95 while buy now price is $309.85 means you are saving $209.10 that is really great saving on project management software that is very helpful to your business. It can be operated on the Windows Vista/7/XP platform. It has shipping weight of 4.8 ounces, this product has been available at since 5th March 2010, this product has gotten user reviews of 4 stars from 5 stars.


SchedulePro Project Management and Scheduling Software; Calendar Software, Windows PCs , 1 User License

SchedulePro Project Management and Scheduling Software; Calendar Software helps you manage programs with one click, you can easily do this and view in month, week and day listings. You can easily access to details of users and administrators, their details may include name, address, phone, notes and other important information. You are able to check schedule status (not started, in progress, cancelled, completed, next action, pending waiting, deferred, requested, approval, reopened, reviewed, testing, verified and resolved). You can easily manage and check start-date, end-date, deu-date and notify-date etc. This software is very helpful to control project planned value, actual cost and earned value. This product has gotten user reviews of 5 stars out of 5 stars. The buy it now price of this software is just $69.95 on with free shipping, here you make great saving of $226.04 as its actual price is $295.99.

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