QuickBooks Essentials Manufacturing & Wholesale Edition

QuickBooks Essentials Manufacturing & Wholesale Edition

Quicbooks Essentials is Booking for dummies.

Intuit Quickbooks allows a dummy like me to run a business. I basically run all my books through an amazing accounting software, and at the end of the year take it to my accountant. I have used quicken for the past 20 year, and I decided to give Quickbooks a try. God is it easier to use than quicken. Hallelujah. I almost hired a bookkeeper for ten to fifteen dollars per hour, and that is 20 to 30k per year. I will pay $250 a year over thirty thousand a year. It’s simple business economics.

When you are starting a new small business or run a large company, saving money is important. So…do not be a dummy. It’s simple and easy to use. There are also a lot of fantastic how-to-use tutorials across the internet.

I didn’t need a multiple year bachelor degree to use this software, which I am very thankful for. As I mentioned, I have had to do minor book keeping or minor accounting experience during my life. Particularly before I started my company when I was a clerk or even a manager. Quickbooks does my monthly heavy lifting it ensures that everything is recorded correctly. Profit and loss statements are easy to produce, and inventory, sales per Item, and other important reports are too. If you know your business well, and I hope you do, the software is simple. I am bringing on a business partner next month, and calculating profit split is simple with this software.

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I would be a mess without Intuit Quickbooks essentials; this product is simply wonderful. As I have said, I am not an accountant. I am terrible with numbers, really terrible, in fact I almost ran my business into the ground due to extra fees incurred when I started it. Quickbooks saved my business and my life, and it made owning and operating a company very easy. I took on three business partners, and with their help, I was able to save my business, and make a profit for all of us. I have learned so much in the last years of my company. It was like going to school all over again, and it was like I was getting an MBA. My business partners now trust me, and know I can handle the books myself. Yea! It’s all due to Intuit, and Quickbooks online. Where would I be with you QB; I do not know.


Major Time saver

A major time saver in my business is QuickBooks Online Essentials. The mobile app with online integration of the accounting software is great; no more driving into the office late at night! I can send an invoice to a client while I’m at a meeting or at lunch. Clients appreciate that I can do this immediately; instead of having to wait till I get back to the office/when it’s convent for me, so when I do get back to the office. I can look at a paid invoice from my client. The money is in my bank account within 24 hours, and the invoice is marked as paid with one simple action. It allows me to focus on my patrons and clients, whom should always come first. Thank you for the fact, that I don’t spend all my time on accounting.

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