QuickBooks Pro 2014 Review

QuickBooks Pro 2014 Review

QuickBooks Pro 2014 ReviewQuickBooks Pro 2014 includes some advanced features and there is lots of improvements compared to its older version. Also, all versions of QuickBooks are compatible with Windows operating system. You may notice that in previous version, there was an issue of color, this year, the main color change is that the left navigation bar in deep blue instead of annoying gray color of last year. Other changes are a new icon cluster in the upper right corner which has option for reminders and maintenance alerts. If you need to customize the “View Balances” tab in the left navigation bar which is really very useful for many people as they are asking such kind of feature.

You have option to copy and paste detail lines in transaction forms and you can also get option of contextual reports. Also, the search window is improved as it has now auto-suggestions option. The “company Information” is changed to “My Company” with one more step so that it will be easier to find what you need and you are able to see what apps you currently have.
Email Improvements
There are lots of improvements in email features, the “Custom Center” now has a tab for “Sent Email” where you can easily see history of emails sent within QuickBooks software, you can also send customer payment receipt via email. The “send email” feature is also changed and it is not more advanced features.
Job Costing
The job costing feature is also changed in this new version and now you are able to specify a “sales rep for a job” instead of customer only. And Job Status Filter now can filter many reports by job status. You are able to personalize bill, check and credit card transaction to add sales rep as a column. Read more…

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