Serta Mattress Reviews 2014 – Raised Air Bed with Never Flat Pump

Serta Mattress Reviews 2014 – Raised Air Bed with Never Flat Pump

Serta Raised Bed with Never Flat Pump

Serta Mattress ReviewsWhen it comes to serta mattress reviews, Serta Raised Bed is built in Never Flat technology which provides complete comfort to the back and all parts of the body. Serta Raised Bed is recognized is the most popular airbed when it comes to softness, comfort, and convenience. The airbed will automatically adjust the pressure while sleeping at night. The Never Flat technology is very helpful for eliminating sagging and loss of air pressure which is always found in airbeds. The auto-engaging Never Flat technology has silent pump to regulate steady air demands while sleeping and you are assured undisturbed sleep. You have option to select your preferred levels among Plush, medium and Firm after this the main electric pump will inflate the mattress within few minutes. Once the primary pump stop working, the secondary pump starts its work to maintain regular air-pressure in the airbed to provide comfort sleep at night. When the bed is completely inflated the pump will stop working itself as it works automatically. The mattress is manufactured in pressure sensing technology to constantly monitor to match the selected mattress comfort level. The pump doesn’t give any kind of annoying noises so that you can sleep deeply without any disturbance. Read more…

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Serta Raised Air Bed

Serta Raised Air BedSerta Raised Air Bed is a portable bed providing convenience in storage, carrying, and placement anywhere in your house. The air bed can inflates to 16” tall which is ideal for airbed to keep around for friends and family to provide comfort sleep. It has advanced AC pump to effortlessly inflate and deflate air-bed. With the help of “raised height” feature, it is really very easy to get in or get out of the bed. It has also soft flocked top which covers the bed perfectly. Other features are 21 round coils on the Twin Bed and 35 round coils on the Queen bed with perpendicular and flat reinforcements. Serta Raised Air Bed is very popular airbed according to the Serta Mattress Reviews by consumers; it also comes at affordable price compared to other brands of airbeds in the market. When it comes to providing comfort and ease of use then Serta Raised Air Bed is the perfect mattress as of now. Read more…

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