Sewing Machine Reviews

Sewing Machine Reviews

Brother CS6000i Feaure-Rich Sewing Machine With 60 Built-In Stitches, Quilting Table and Hard Cover Sewing Machine Reviews

Brother CS6000i is on top in sewing machine reviews sewing machine reviews Brother CS6000iaccording to its popularity, usability, and performance. CS6000i comes with 60 stitches. When it comes to button-holes, this machine is very useful as it has 7 styles of button-holes which can be used automatically without spending even a minute. Brother Feaure Rich Sewing Machine is ideal for multiple sewing and quilting needs according to specific requirements. You won’t have any problem when you need to choose stitches and adjusting size of stitches as you will set them automatically through LCD display. I like its start button (on-off) for switching from foot control to without foot control. Most importantly, Brother CS6000i has speed adjustment features allowing you to operate the machine based on your own preferred speed level, fast or slow. In operating the machine if you get any problems, you have user manual in two languages; you just need to refer to the user manual to learn it. If user manual is not helpful, you can get customer support on phone anytime within 25 years of limited warranty of this CS6000i sewing machine. Only one thing you have to keep in your mind that you should run this machine on 120V AC for better performance and better safety to the machine. When it comes to sewing machine reviews, brother Feaure-Rich Sewing Machine comes on the first position according to user reviews on different shopping websites. Read more…

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SINGER Fashion Mate Stylist Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine with Automatic Needle Threader Sewing Machine Reviews

SINGER Fashion Mate sewing machine reviewsSinger Fashion Mate Stylist Sewing Machine is the highly recommended machine in this sewing machine reviews as it is computerized with LED display Screen. You don’t have to be worried about the settings as all the settings can be adjusted through LED display so it is easier than other methods of adjusting and setting a sewing machine. This 100 stitch sewing machine has 10 presser feet which is perfect for sewing, quilting and crafting. Singer Fashion Mate has automatic needle threader helping in sewing and threading very easily.
Singer Fashion Sewing Machine runs on 110 volt so it can be used in the USA and Canada only as the machine is made for the people for these two countries seeing the electricity requirements of this machine. It has adjustable speed option where you can set speed at high or low speed with the help of a push of button only. Most importantly, it has one-phase buttonholes so it doesn’t take much time when it comes to the stuffs related to button holes and other related tasks. You also get reverse button to sew stitches in reverse order without any problem, you just need to use one button if you required sewing in reverse mode. You don’t have to give time in setting up this machine if you have bought it and the machine is delivered to your place, you just need to plug in the power and you are done. The machine weighs 14.6 pounds so it has light-weight and you can easily set up anywhere you want. You also get instructional manual in case you need to learn something, you can refer to the manual for your specific learning purposes, if you don’t want to read the manual, you can watch the DVD included with the machine for better learning purposes. Read more…

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