Simon Swipe Game Review

Simon Swipe Game Review

Simon Swipe GameDo you want to play the next level of classic Simon game? You can do it by playing this Simon Swipe game toy by Hasbro. While in the classic game you will only be required to tap 4 colors in 4 sections, now you can tap and swipe 4 colors in 8 sections with this new game. This game can be played either by holding it in your hand or by putting it on the top of the table if you want to play it with your friends. With touch screen, cool lights, and fun sound effect, this game is going to give you some fun time.

The Pros: This is a classic Simon game with a modern twist, giving you the whole new experience of playing this game. Instead of having only 4 sections, you will now have 8 sections in this game. This is actually a good gaming toy that will challenge you to remember patterns like the classic Simon game, but with the swipe feature, which is the feature that you will use when the game requires you to register two sections at once. With touch screen mechanism as well as good sound effect, this game is sure to give you the maximum enjoyment. You can also play multiplayer mode with this game.

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The Cons: This is a fast-paced game which is fun to play, either by yourself or with your friends. There are 16 challenging levels to complete. However, once you complete all the levels, the enjoyment will usually wear away and you will not likely want to play the game again. In other words, it can be a bit boring after some time of gameplay, especially for young kids.

The Bottom Line: The material build quality for this piece of game toy is very good, and with the lights, colors, and sounds, you will feel a great excitement when you play the game for the first time. Also, it is designed to be easily gripped in a single hand, so you can play it while moving around. There is a classic Simon mode where you can play the game just by tapping on the colors, without swiping. Overall, this game can be a really fun toy for you to play for a while, either by yourself or with your friends. But, after some time, things may get a bit boring, especially once you complete all the challenges in the game.

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You can be sure that this is another great product released by Hasbro. And, depending on how you enjoy the game, you can be addicted to it or you can be bored by it. So, overall, this game toy is a recommended buy to fill your spare time, as well as to give it as a fun present for your kids. Read more…

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