Skylanders Trap Team Fist Bump Character Pack

Skylanders Trap Team Fist Bump Character Pack

Skylanders Trap TeamAre you ready for the new addition to your new Skylanders game? The Trap Team has a new and worthy addition that you can put inside your game. Skylanders Trap Team Fist Bump Character Pack is one of the most recommended characters to add on your Skylanders game, because of various things.

First, the action figure is designed to be really high quality, with good attention to little details so that you can see that the action figure itself will closely and accurately resemble the character within the game. Second, the trading card is nice to collect as well, as it contains the beautiful artwork for the character as well as the stats you’re getting for it within the game. And third, it is not platform-specific, meaning that you can use this character in your existing Skylanders game that you have, regardless of the platform you use.

The Pros: The action figure is made with very good and detailed design, making it to closely resemble the character within the game. Also, you get a good stats with this character, as this character has very good defense points. It is a worthy addition for your current Skylanders team. Within the box, you’ll get the action figure, trading card, and QR code that you can input within the game. The trading card is worth collecting, as it has very good art in it, depicting the Fist Bump character within the game in a beautiful way.

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The Cons: This is a medium sized character, and there are mini size and large size characters available from Skylanders. If you are buying this, you will not be able to unlock many things within the game, except only to put your character in it. If you want to unlock more things within the game, you should purchase the large size character. Also, this character is only compatible with the newest Skylanders game, so it won’t be compatible with the olderSkylandersgames. Be wary that the action figure should be treated as such, as it might be easily broken if your kids play too much with it, especially in the tail area.

The Bottom Line: If you are looking to add more collection to your current Skylanders game, you can bet that this character is worthy for it. Remember that this character must be used in addition to the starter pack that you’ve purchased earlier. So, if you haven’t purchased the starter pack, you should purchase it first for your platform before you use it. The character itself is not platform specific, so whether you use it on PS4, Xbox One, WiiU, or others, you can do it as long as you have the starter pack for the specific platform that you use. So, it is a recommended character for you to use within the game. Read more…

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