Software Project Management For Dummies

Software Project Management For Dummies

Software Project Management for Dummies helps learn how to manage software projects in the time of increasing demand of project outsourcing. The author tells all the important things in simple way so that you can understand it easily, you can learn a lot of things from managing programmers to assessing and eliminating risk, the book teaches you about iterative development model with the help of Microsoft Project 2003 and other methodologies such as eXtreme, open source, SQA testing and others. The website has information related to tools, case studies and other resources in a easy to understand language so that a newbie can understand it easily. You can easily find how to write a product description, you will be able to know about balance time, cost, scope and quality. It is helpful for preparing a risk-friendly plan. Also, you can learn about tracking and communicating project performance and managing conflicts. The book has two authors: Teresa Luckey and Joseph Phillips. You can read about their biography on Amazon shopping website at the time of buying this book, where you can get all the information including rating and reviews, prices, shipments and other important information.

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