Sterling Silver Diamond Key Pendant Necklace (1/10 cttw) , 18″

Sterling Silver Diamond Key Pendant Necklace (1/10 cttw) , 18″

Sterling Silver Diamond Key Pendant Necklace (1/10 cttw) , 18"
Crafted in .925 sterling silver

Here is a magic key for a happy weekend. As the weekend approaches people look for excuses to escape from work and ways to shop more and more things. Options for shopping are never ending. Gifts from loved ones are more cherish able than buying for self. A ladies night party may not be complete without Sterling Silver Diamond Key Pendant (1/8 CT) with 18″ Chain. This is the one going to complete the party dress. The name is self explanatory that the product referred here is a silver pendent studded with original diamonds. The pendent is a key having heart shape at the top.  The chain is simple and sober with link design perfectly matching the pendent. The cursor can be rolled on the product to magnify and to check the finer details of the image.

This silver chain is sold with the pendent so that the buyers start using it immediately without looking for a perfect chain match. The list price for the product is ninety nine dollars, but Amazon is selling it at a discount of fifty percent.  It means that the cost of the chain and pendent set is only $49.99. The product is shipped for free of cost and return facility is free if wish to replace or received in damaged condition. Right now product is available in stock and the store is assuring to deliver it on Saturday, 15th November. Subjected to the condition that the order should be placed today itself within seventeen hours and thirteen minutes. The original seller of the product is Vir Jewels, a reputed brand in diamond jeweler. Online shopping opportunity is produced by Amazon.  The additional advantages of buying Sterling Silver Diamond Key Pendant with 18″ Chainare many. It has ninety day warranty period and product will be delivered in a jewelry gift box.

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The product category falls under the name “FineDiamonds9” and the setting of the crystals is known as “prongs”. The shape of the stone is round and cutting is said to be very bright. It is a naturally created stone. After reading the specifications of this product, still potential buyers doubt the brand, then they should go through the jewelry buying guide. This information helps to read and understand the variety and purity of the product. If the deal sounds interesting then one can drop the product in the shopping cart and enjoy the product within one day. Single day delivery assurance can be given only if the product is available in stock. Fortunate readers can grab this opportunity as few pieces of this item are still available in the Amazon store. One can choose the number of the quantity and click on the wish list. Member registration is mandatory to make the payment through payment secured gateway.

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