Symbiotics Colostrum Plus W/bio-lipid

Symbiotics Colostrum Plus W/bio-lipid

Symbiotics Colostrum Plus offers additional help when your health is facing problems arising from your environment or due to physical stress. Arabinogalactan appreciates the development of helpful intestinal microflora and rouses non-specific immune activity. It is helpful for the immune system by rising production of immune stimulating agents. Lactoferrin – robs microbes of iron they require to increase, enhances oxygenation of tissues and rouses white-blood-cell movement. Olive Leaf Extract is an antifungal and powerful antioxidant to save the physical body from open radical damage. Symbiotics Colostrum Plus W/bio-lipid does not contain hormones, rBSTs, pesticides or antibiotics.


  • Strong immune factors
  • Stimulates immune movement
  • Helpful for maintaining an Un-inflamed GI tract
  • Make easy iron transformation and absorption
  • Protect from invading organisms.
  • Magic: the Gathering – Symbiotic Wurm – Commander
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