Toshiba 55tl515u Review 2014 – Check Prices from Amazon

Toshiba 55tl515u Review 2014 – Check Prices from Amazon

Toshiba 55tl515u is a wonderful addition in the world of plasma TV. It is full HD TV and weighs about 28 kg. It possesses 55 inch flat screen that provides brilliant pictures in natural 3D. You can enjoy movies or games either in normal view or in 3D. 1080p offers the best ever finest picture even more enchanting than the real life scenario.

This TV is driven by LED backlight technology which enhances your experience even more by providing crystal clear images. Since LED backlight is composed of number of light emitting diodes, so this Toshiba 55tl515u really delivers the deepest black and vibrant whites.

In order to reduce the blurring problem as seen with other traditional TVs, Toshiba has introduced ClearFrame 120Hz which is an anti-blur technology. CineSpeed LED enables smooth viewing from many different angles.

It has all the major input plus built in Wi-Fi which is present only in few models. You can even connect with your friends just seating on a couch from this TV via NetTV package with Yahoo! This widgets allows you to group up with your friends, send your pictures, and even you can download different movies of your choice right from your settee.

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With beautiful, clear and brilliant colors and pictures and perfect sound, Toshiba 55tl515u is the one which you had ever dreamed.

Below you can check some of the feedbacks regarding this TV given by the consumers. These feedbacks have come after the hands-on experience of this model.

Picture Feedbacks


ü  What can we say about picture quality..? Just brilliant!!

ü  Though it’s just HD but it delivers more than just HD.

ü  Albeit, it’s an expensive TV but it really worths its expense in term of high quality picture as well as sound and other features.

ü  It 3D is just flawless, you won’t get eye-strain at all but you will experience a very sharp image always.


  • If you don’t set up the settings of the TV properly, you may likely to experience flickering of minor nature.

Sound Feedbacks


ü  We have no complaints regarding sound, it suits us very well.

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ü  The sound of this TV is very good.


  • The speakers are of not good quality instead are weak and of high pitched. You can use external speakers however, if you are in habit of listening very loud sound.

Value Feedbacks


ü  The amazing and unique features won’t let you think about its price. It contains almost every latest features that are rare to find in a single TV.

ü  This Toshiba 55tl515u TV even after being on for several hours, does not gives off any heat that is really astonishing!


Features Feedbacks



ü  The passive 3D along with four pairs of glasses is the fantastic feature of this TV.

ü  One of the unique attributes we all appreciate in it is the TriVector that is meant to convert 2D to 3D. It converts any program or any game or movie you want to convert into 3D.

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ü  Built-in Wi-Fi has made my world comfortable by giving me freedom from the cable clutter, allowing me to connect to my friends and enhance my networking.


  • Backlighting is the problem you can experience in the dark room with this TV.

Inputs/Outputs Feedbacks


It has plenty of latest inputs and outputs in addition to conventional.

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