Video Editing Software Reviews: VideoStudio Pro X7 vs Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12

Video Editing Software Reviews: VideoStudio Pro X7 vs Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12

VideoStudio Pro X7 [Download]

VideoStudio Pro X7In Video Editing Software Reviews, the VideoStudio Pro X7 lets you enjoy the fastest way to create high quality videos and slideshows. The VideoStudio Pro X7 comes with enhanced 64-bit power and too many templates to use. Now is the time to immerse you in the creativity of streamline workspaces with enhanced multi-tracking timeline. You can easily make a large selection of video projects from professional videos to video blogs, screen recordings, slideshows and many more. There are plenty of features to enhance the videos and they let you create excellent videos, the software also comes with the capability of quickly trim and cut long sequences, correct color and lighting issues. The VideoStudio Pro X7 is a great video editing software that quickly enable you to transfer your videos in camera to the web for further enhancements and corrections. Read more…


Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12

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Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12The Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12 lets you create videos in stunning AVCHD and stereoscopic 3D, you are able to use Sound Forge Audio Studio to edit audio. Also, you can upload movies to pixel cast and burn to DVD or Blu-ray disk. With its advanced features of video edition, color correction, animation, you can easily create videos like a professional does. The Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12 also comes with a great feature of uploading your videos to Pixel cast plus account for the purpose of sharing them to your friends. Read more…





PowerDirector 12 Ultimate [Download]

PowerDirector 12 UltimateThe PowerDirector 12 Ultimate offers the personalized interface for excellent video creation. Its all features are easy to sue, its MultiCam feature lets you import up to four videos recorded by different devices, and you can sync them by audio tracks, so that you can quickly pick the best shots. You can also use its theme designer powerful feature to create 3D animation to your existing videos and images. The PowerDirector 12 Ultimate also comes with premium effects and templates for free worth $400, these effects and templates will enable you to enhance your video creation process. Read more…

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