Wireless Mouse Reviews 2014

Wireless Mouse Reviews 2014

Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse

Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse is really a great mouse which works well according to your mouse requirements, M510 Wireless Mouse has soft rubber grips and a contoured shape gives you comfort-ability while use this mouse with your computer. It has all the buttons that you can find with old style keyboards, additionally it has programmable buttons helping you click, scroll and zoom right from your finger movements. When you will use this mouse, you will enjoy greatly as it doesn’t have any complication of wire setting or related stuffs, it is totally separate from your PC. You can use laser tracking for smooth cursor control with 2 years of battery life warranty. It has also tiny unifying receiver that is plugged in your computer and forget it, you have option to use up to 6 unifying compatible devices without using any extra USB receivers.

Doinshop Red Cordless USB Receiver Wireless 2.4G Optical Mouse Vista

Doinshop Red Cordless USB Receiver Wireless 2.4 G Optical Mouse Vista works perfectly, it is very easy to use with scroll features and, you can also keep it on stand-by mode to save the power and life of the batteries. Mostly importantly, it is the cheapest wireless mouse which delivers the perfect works according to your mouse using requirements. The mouse is good if you are travelling, anywhere you can go with it, it works on all the platforms such as Mac, PC etc. Most importantly, it has a good on/off switch which you can use to save power of the battery and you can keep your mouse running when you are working on the PC.

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Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 – Black

When you use Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500, you will enjoy using this wireless mouse, it is very comfort which can easily fit in your hand and you can carry it if you are going outside from your work or house. If you don’t have a mouse pad, yet you can use it on any rough park bench or your living room carpet because this mouse is produced under Microsoft BlueTrack Technology. The battery of this mouse has a long life of up to eight months, which is really great thing about this wireless digital mouse. Most importantly, it has battery indicator which will tell you when to change the battery. If you are going anywhere, you are travelling, you are packing with mouse in a luggage, you won’t get any problem it works fine all the time.

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