Zero Water Reviews: Zerowater ZP-006 Water Filtration Pitcher vs ZeroWater ZR-224

Zero Water Reviews: Zerowater ZP-006 Water Filtration Pitcher vs ZeroWater ZR-224

Zerowater ZP-006 6-Cup Space Saver Water Filtration Pitcher

Zerowater ZP-006 zero water reviewsZerowater ZP-006 6-Cup water filter gives you clean and fresh water and you don’t have to use any large water filteration system according to Zero Water Reviews by users on Amazon. With the help of Zerowater ZP-006, you are going to save money which you spend for buying bottled water. The advanced water filtration mechanism of Zerowater gives better water purification than normal carbon filters. The ZP-006 6-Cup Space Saver Filter removes all the dissolved solids in the tap water. The filter is very effective due to its excellent features such as filter change display telling you the time when the filter requires replacement. Due to its compact size, the water filter pitcher is ideal for offices or drom rooms as it fits well into a small fridge. Most importantly, the Zerowater ZP-006 6-Cup pitcher is approved from WQA (water quality association) and NSF International for getting rid of plenty of minerals. Zerowater is the popular brand name that delivers pure and quality water according to FDA definition. Also, you are not going to spend much, at a fraction of the cost of ordinary carbon filters you are going to drink tasty and pure water in your home or offices. Read more…

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ZeroWater ZR-224 2-Pack Travel Bottle Filters

ZeroWater ZR-224ZeroWater ZR-224 2-Pack Travel Bottle Filter is high quality portable water filter bottle for travelers. The pitcher has 5 phase of Ion-Exchange filter with color change window which shows the time of changing the filters. ZeroWater ZR-224 2-Pack Water Filter is really a great tool for removing all dissolved solids for improving water taste. It comes in the size of 5.2 x 2.8 x 4.8 inches and it weighs just one pound. The product has got good customer reviews over the years on the Amazon shopping website. Most importantly, the each filter is designed with a color change window for showing filter replacement time. You just need to unscrew the filter from the bottle’s lid and change it. Read more…

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